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Title: Curiosity
Pairing: none. Spock, McCoy, Selek
Rating: pg
Summary: A couple drabbles done for muse_prompts.




Curiosity was one emotion that Spock did not attempt to mask, usually that is. He made one exception. Around Dr. McCoy he attempted to remain entirely stoical. He wasn't always successful, however and this was one of those times. He turned towards the doctor, after hearing a puzzling statement from him.

"I was not aware girls, country or otherwise, had halos, let alone they would desire to trade them for horns and nor why they would then be dangerous," he addressed McCoy, eyebrow raised.

"It is a saying, Mr. Spock, indicating that one should be wary of the good girl who goes bad." McCoy stated, his own eyes rolling.

"Ah. Your Earth colloquialisms are most...unusual. One should always be wary of those who change their inherent nature, especially for those who begin to behave illogically. They may be ill or cause harm to themselves or others." He stood a little straighter, pleased with himself for understanding and simplifying the doctor's statement.

"No, you..." McCoy shook his head, "Nevermind. I feel sorry for Nyota. I need a drink."

His eyebrow inched higher as he watched McCoy stalk off, honestly puzzled by McCoy's obvious frustration and human nature to use illogical metaphors.




Selek surveyed the stretch of inhospitable, hot desert that lay in the valley below. There was nothing familiar here as this was not Vulcan, but the new colony the survivors of Nero's attempted genocide had founded. He and several others had been exploring and mapping out the valley. Maps had been made of every feature, the flora and fauna had been carefully observed for quite a while now and he deemed the valley would be perfect. He watched the sunrise before turning and slowly making his way to the meeting of Elders.

He was to propose this valley be the site for young Vulcans to go to perform their Kas-wan. It would be vastly different from Kahs-wan he experienced. The concept and ritual would be the same but although the valley would provide a similar environment, it would not be the same. Memories of his own Kahs-wan, both of them, were present. He wondered if the Spock in this time line had experienced his Kahs-wan the same as he had. It was a possibility, a remote one, but it remained. He made note to inquire next time they spoke.




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Muse: Spock Prime
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Words: 440
Disclaimers: I do not own Spock Prime.

    He stoked the fire, listening to the wind shrieking and howling as it passed by the entrance of the cave, the noise loud and disturbing despite their being deep within the interior.  He glanced quickly to the figure laying beside him as he sat cross-legged in front of the fire attempting to meditate.  He frowned as he had seen Kirk shiver slightly.  There wasn’t much he could do about it except throw a few of the remaining bricks of fuel onto the fire.  Nero had left him with plenty of fuel for a fire, wanting him to live long enough to see his planet destroyed.  There weren’t many left, not that it mattered he decided.  It was imperative that they set out for the Starfleet base on Delta Vega as soon as possible.  The setting sun and the rapid onset of the blizzard with the threat of the creature that had chased Jim lurking nearby- attracted yet repelled by their fire kept them in the cave for the night.

    Movement caught his eye again.  This time he abandoned all pretext of meditation and focused on the young man wrapped up in survival gear.  He took a blanket he wasn’t using and placed it over him as Kirk curled in against himself, eyes still shut, still sleeping but relaxing a little as Spock tucked the blanket’s warm edges around him.  Taking his gloves off, Spock reached out to brush a few strands of hair from Kirk’s face, letting his fingertips linger briefly on the skin of Kirk’s forehead.  /Jim/  No.  He shook his head.  Jim, but not Jim.  Kirk had not been the only one subject to emotional transference from the meld.  A spark had ignited the bond he had long buried when he lost his Jim.  He had survived the death of his Kirk, his bondmate as his father had survived his mother, but his father had never found himself thrown into an alternate timeline.  He had no prior documentation of how alternate timelines, alternate dimensions affected bonds.  Perhaps it was normal for his fingers to itch with the desire to take their place on the  meld points of this Jim’s sleeping face.  

    No.  He pulled his hand back quickly.  It wasn’t right.  Not this way.  They had Nero to stop.  There was no time and it was not fair.  This Jim had not even known what a mind meld was, he had no right.  Perhaps later, once Nero had been dealt with he could speak with this interesting version of Jim with greater depth.  He slid his gloves back on and forced himself to turn back to the fire, attempting to meditate.

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Title: Differences
Pairing: None, Prime's POV
Rating: pg
Summary: Done for

[community profile] musing_way

Prompt was 'School'. Not sure about this one, wrote it under a time limit in a challenge with a friend and it seems a few different stories mushed into one.



    In the days following Nero's defeat, I have had the opportunity to watch my younger self in his capacity as officer and instructor back at the Academy. Granted these were not normal circumstances by any means, but the universe would go on and there were things the surviving cadets had to finish in their classrooms and already a new class of recruits had arrived.

    Although it is my wish that my younger self discovers his destiny at Kirk's side, with Dr. McCoy, Lt. Uhura, Lt. Sulu, Ensign Chekov and of course Scotty, I cannot help but be fascinated by the small differences in this time line. From Jim's startling blue eyes, so different from the golden hazel I recalled of my T'hy'la's to this Nyota's fluency in many languages (I had not heard another human speak Vulcan so fluently since my mother). My younger self seemed more at home here on Earth, amongst Terrans, but there was a quiet rage that boiled underneath him that bothered me.

    The rage, which with his other emotions, he controlled much better than I had at his age, was all but forgotten when I watched him instruct a new recruit class in computer basics. Even if he chose not to take the First Officer's position that Kirk was holding open for him (Jim and I had dinner a few evenings ago and he mentioned he was holding the position open, hoping that Spock would approach him), he would have a future teaching.

    He demanded perfection from his students, but he was patient with them, patient and although not noticeable to the average emotional human's eye, kind with them. It made me reflect on my own experience as a student, back on Vulcan. Even though your average Vulcan would say it illogical to judge a person based on parentage, amongst not only my classmates (whom many of which, one could call cruel by human standards in their dealings with me) but my professors there was clear sense they did not expect as much of me due to my heritage. Did my younger self here, not encounter those attitudes growing up? Or did he encounter them on a more severe level than I did and this was his way of compensating?

    As I made my way to the Vulcan Embassy for a meeting with Sarek, one of the few people who knew my true identity, that I was Spock, not Selek, I resolved to speak to him and later my younger self, on the subject.




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Title: Trial
Muse: Spock Prime
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Word Count: 281
Disclaimer: Do not own. If I did, Spock's ears might be a little bitten ;) No infringement intended.

    I stood in the shadows in the balcony overlooking the auditorium and watched as this universe's James T. Kirk assumed command from a wheelchair bound Admiral Pike. I had yet to meet this Pike, whom in my own time was one of my first mentors in the Fleet. He looked slightly older and the wheelchair brought back memories of seeing him on Starbase 11, disabled to the point of only being kept alive by the chair and able to communicate only by blinking. This Pike would eventually have the ability to walk again and I wondered if this fate was the worse he would have to deal with. Would there be a training accident that exposed him to delta rays? If so, would my younger self break rules and regulations to help him? It seemed that this Pike was more of this Kirk's mentor than my own. Would it fall to this Kirk to stand trial for rescuing Pike and delivering him to Talos? Did Talos even exist?

    I contemplated the many possibilities that reminded me however similar this universe, this time seemed, it was not my own, yet I was stranded here, a trial in and of itself. I can only hope that I stand it as firmly as I stood that court martial aboard the Enterprise all those years ago. I withdraw further into the shadows and find my way out of the building listening to the sounds of clapping as Kirk took command of the Enterprise, becoming the youngest captain in history of the Federation, even younger than my Kirk had been. I was not the only one about to embark on new adventures and trials.


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Title:  Work
Muse:  Spock Prime
Fandom:  Star Trek, ST:XI
Word Count:  313
Disclaimer:  Spock nor the others belong to me. 

  He looked up, seeing the setting suns from his office window.  The office was small, the buildings here were few and hastily put up as the remaining Vulcans set about reestablishing their community on the new and different planet.  The fact that it was a desert environment was the only thing the new colony's planet had in common with the old Vulcan.  The vegetation was different, experiments regarding edibility were still being carried out with the plants found in the remote sections of the planet they were inhabiting.  Most of the planet had yet to be explored by people, relying on survey scans and remote sensor readings.  He shook his head and tried to refocus on the PADD in front of him.  He had work to do, families that needed permanent homes.  Assigning them based on their abilities, that was his job, not worrying about all the work that needed to be done to make this planet their own.  He had to stop worrying about the Vulcan animals and plants that were not thriving on this new world. 

  Those worries, those concerns were not his to bear right now.  Thinking about his younger counterpart whom he had convinced to stay aboard the Enterprise, stay in Star Fleet was not his concern.  It was illogical to be jealous of his younger self, especially when there was so much he had to do here.  So much that people relied on him for.  He pushed thoughts of a young starship Captain that shared similar aspects of the soul with the man he knew as Kirk.  He pushed the whispers from a bond he thought was long broken and dead with the death of his Kirk, to the recesses of his heart.  Gold and blue eyes haunting him as he had to reread the necessary information on the PADD to do the work he had been assigned.


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